The world’s billionaires, a statistical overview

This week, Forbes published its annual “Rich List,” commonly known as the “Billionaires of the World 2021 List.” As always, this list contains a huge amount of data and we put together all the statistical data and added our own data.

Instead of just providing a list of the world’s billionaires (also available on, we went a step further and created a statistical overview with lots of charts, facts, and lists.

Quick facts about the world’s billionaires

  • Percentage of millionaires aged 40 and under: 3
  • Millionaires under 30: 6 (half of whom get wealth from Facebook)
  • The average age of millionaires: 61.8 years
  • Billionaires over $10 billion: 88
  • Countries with more than 10 billionaires: 22
  • Countries with the most billionaires: THE US (413), China (115), Russia (101), India (55), and Germany (52)
  • Number of millionaires in technology and telecommunications: 109 (9% of the millionaire population)
  • Total U.S. Millionaire Assets: $1.5 Trillion
  • Total assets: $4.5 trillion (USD)
  • Total number of billionaires in the world: 1,210


How many people in different parts of the world were able to reach a magical billion yen?


Now that we know how many millionaires there are in every region, how much money does that billionaire have on hand?

Here I got it as follows:

America produces the largest number of billionaires in the world, so of course, North America is largely at the top.

A look at the collapse of the countries with the most billionaires reveals the top 10:


It usually takes time for these people to save huge sums. In fact, there are very few millionaires under the age of 40 (as mentioned above, it is only 3%.

Introducing the age distribution of billionaires in the world. Some people have lost age information, so if you add these numbers, you’re not exactly 1,210 millionaires.


Then how many women are becoming millionaires isn’t it. 102 out of 1210, not much. Only 8.4%.

A few unusual sources of wealth

We usually focus on technology, but this article has become a bit extensive, so I thought it might be interesting to introduce a more unusual or at least less traditional source of wealth that was on the Forbes list.

  • Eggs (Oleg Bakhmatyuk, Ukraine)
  • Flavorings (Chu Lam Yiu, Hong Kong)
  • Lawsuits (Joe Jamail, United States)
  • Fertilizer (several, apparently big business)
  • Landscape architecture (He Qiaonu, China)
  • Harry Potter (J.K. Rowling, United Kingdom)
  • Sugar, flour, and cement (Aliko Dangote, Nigeria)
  • Palm oil (Lee Shin Cheng, Malaysia)
  • Blinds (Ralph Sonnenberg, Netherlands)
  • Elevators and escalators (Antti Herlin, Finland)
  • Drug trafficking (Joaquin Guzman Loera, Mexico)

There are many ways to get rich, right? In particular, the last one made me think. For the time being, I was going to devote myself to the operation of web services. …

With that, we leave you for now.  Did you enjoy data analysis?



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