Self-made Singer Zoha Zuberi: From the radio to our hearts

Against all odds

Who is Zoha Zuberi?
Zoha Zuberi is a self-made hustler taught singer/songwriter, musician, artist, and architect by profession based in Islamabad. To get to where she is now, she started out as a cover artist for magazines before branching out into music and art.

Islamabad has been a regular venue for her performances, and she’s also collaborated with some of the city’s friends musicians on songs like Janay Kyun, which features Jasim Haider and the Pindi Boys. She enjoys experimenting with many musical genres, and she practices what she describes as a raw kind of music, which is an expression in whichever way an artist chooses to express themselves.

Indie music in Pakistan is on the rise. Several Musicians & artists have lately come to the fold with their own genre of music. Among them, There is one name that has been making its way into the spotlight as one of the few established artists in Pakistan, and that is Zoha Zuberi.

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When you end up on 40+ international and local playlists on one of the biggest music platforms in the world, you are probably doing something right. One of the few female musicians producing original music in Pakistan, Zoha began rising to fame after her song Naya Pakistan started playing on every television set in Pakistan. Since then, she has never looked back.

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Her versatile singing style and the ability to write, compose and sing her songs in various styles and languages allowed her to reach wider audiences. A testament to that is her recent track Take your turn with Umair Ali which was featured in 20+ national & international playlists on Spotify and received over 50000 plus hits overnight. This isn’t the first time she has released a hit, with her song Falling Stars she received similar acclaim online and offline.

On the flipside, Zuberi experiments with more contemporary genres as well, her recent song Kuch Kehna Chahta Hon has gained more than half a million views on YouTube, The one before that (Jo tu na mera) also crossed the 6 digit viewing figures,

and her single release last year, Kyun Chal Diye, is still a hit on radio channels, being regularly featured on BBC Asian network.

In an industry where opportunities are scarce for up and coming musicians, Zoha has risen to fame by maintaining her individuality and raw form of music, carving a particular niche for herself in the indie music scene. From playing in the local Cafe’s to one of the most consistent rising stars, Zoha now has an ep album February was released in 2019 and over 5 original songs.

The artist’s rise is a testimonial to how original music and natural talent can lead one to the mainstream and gain a sincere following across Pakistan. We are excited to see what other avenues this talented singer/songwriter carves for herself on her way to the big times.

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