RESPAWN Gaming Chairs Review & Buyer’s Guide

In this RESPAWN gaming chairs review, we’ll take a deep look at the most popular RESPAWN gaming chair models to see which is the best for you. Respawn has quickly risen to the top of the gaming chair business, whether you’re seeking a fashionable or comfortable chair to rest in. Games like esports have given gamers the opportunity to flaunt their expensive gaming seats while also promoting their favorite businesses.

Respawn distinguishes itself from the competition with its sleek race vehicle design, low price, and user-friendly features. This brand offers gaming chairs for PCs, consoles, big and tall people, and rockers, as well as various variations on the theme. We’ll go through the best Respawn gaming seats and provide a buying guide to help you choose the best one for your needs.

RESPAWN Gaming Chairs
RESPAWN Gaming Chairs

RESPAWN Gaming Chair Features Review

Build Quality

A high-quality gaming chair can be hard to come by with a low-priced gaming chair. Several characteristics in the Respawn gaming chairs help to ensure the chair’s long life. They employ bonded leather in several of their chairs so that they’re not only comfortable but also look good.

As with all bonded leather, it’s not the most durable, but the stitching makes it less prone to flake or peel than unbonded leather. Bonded leather has a two- to three-year life expectancy under typical circumstances. Alloy steel is used for the chair frames, which have a five-point foundation for long-term endurance.

The back and seat cushions of the Respawn gaming chairs are cushioned with segmented padding. With its segmented padding, you’ll feel less strain on your back and buttocks as a result. This improves the chair’s comfort, especially for people who sit for lengthy periods of time.
A nice PU leather headrest pillow and lumbar support cushion are also included with the seats. These pillows are movable, allowing you to put them exactly where you want them for maximum comfort. The headrest pillow comes in handy if you want to recline and rest or take asleep while you’re driving.

The footrests on some of their chairs can even be adjusted. Static sitting puts a lot of strain on the legs, knees, and thighs because your feet are not moving. When you want to relax, put your feet up on the soft footrest cushions.


It’s uncomfortable to sit in a chair that hasn’t been adjusted properly. Every individual has certain requirements in order to be at their best and feel comfortable. Standard adjustability functions are included in all Respawn models, including the most entry-level ones. However, the chairs at the top of the line feature a wider range of adjustability.

Seat height, armrests, and recline are all adjustable on all of their seats. A rocking function with a tilt lock is included on the Respawn 200 and 300, two of the company’s more recent models. Think about whether or not you need to make any additional alterations to accommodate your needs. 4D armrests, for example, let you change the angle of your armrests to get the right position for your keyboard. Carpal tunnel syndrome is less likely when your arms are positioned correctly. This decreases the amount of tension on your neck and shoulders. With the seat depth adjustable, people of all sizes can get the right back support and upper leg length they need.


The price of a Respawn chair can range anywhere from $180 to $330, depending on the model. They’re a lot less expensive if you compare them to other gaming seats that have similar functionality. Most gaming chairs cost between $250 and $400, with higher-end models going for over $500. PU leather, a synthetic leather that offers benefits similar to those of real leather, is commonly used in their chairs since it is more cost-effective. As a result, the cost is greatly reduced.


All products sold by Respawn come with a limited lifetime guarantee. The manufacturer’s guarantee ensures that the gaming chairs will be free of manufacturing and material faults for the duration of the warranty period. The warranty does not cover the following items:

  • Expected wear and tear due to the nature of the product
  • Damages caused by the shipper
  • Damages resulting from unauthorized repairs, modifications, storage, abuse, misuse, natural disasters, or other causes beyond the seller’s control
  • The chair’s fabric and materials have a two-year warranty

A 30-day money-back guarantee is also included with the purchase of these seats.

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RESPAWN Gaming Chairs Review Highlights

The Respawn brand was founded in 2017 by OFM, a furniture manufacturer in the United States, to provide distinctive and comfy gaming chairs for gamers on a budget. The following are some of the most prevalent benefits and drawbacks associated with Respawn seats.


  • Includes 2D armrest adjustments or more and at least 130-degree reclining capability.
  • All chairs have a 30-day money-back guarantee and a lifetime warranty.
  • Compared to other gaming seats, the majority of Respawn’s models are reasonably priced.
  • designed for comfort with moulded foam padding
  • PU leather or mesh material is used to create this item.
  • To assist gamers in getting into the zone, all chairs feature a sleek race car style.
  • Available in a wide variety of hues


  • The lumbar support can’t usually be changed.
  • Not as comfortable as some other high-end gaming or business chairs in terms of reclining angle
  • smaller and more slim persons can benefit from specific chairs.

The Best RESPAWN Gaming Chair Models Compared

RESPAWN RSP-900 – Best Recliner Gaming Chair

Do you enjoy playing video games on a console? As a console-style gaming chair, the Respawn RSP-900 has a lower seat to better accommodate viewing television screens. However, despite having fewer adjustability options, the RSP-900 is more pleasant to sit in. It’s a lot like going to the movies. Even the footrest and the backrest are covered in a thick cushion for maximum comfort. The RSP-900 comes with a handy cup holder and a side pocket to keep your drinks and store any little stuff that you may need.

RESPAWN RSP-900 – Best Recliner Gaming Chair

This chair is both a recliner and a rocker in one. Despite being in a locked position, gamers can rock back and forth and recline backward by up to 135 degrees. To unwind, gamers can kick back on their seats with their feet on the footrests. Longer-legged people will appreciate the footrest’s extendibility.


  • Comes equipped with a removable side pouch, an integrated cup holder, and more
  • Includes a very plush and soft footrest as standard equipment.
  • Comfier with cushioning and a headrest pillow split into smaller sections
  • A solid support is provided by the pedestal base.
  • Has a 275-pound chair weight limit.


A gaming chair that lets you recline all the way back is not available.

See full Specifications or Buy Now click here to RESPAWN RSP-900

RESPAWN Specter – Best Mesh Ergonomic Chair

Racecar seats aren’t the only option for gaming chairs. The mesh back and seats, as well as the polyurethane headrest, are highlights of the Respawn Specter. Your body’s weight is transferred to the mesh material, which stretches to accommodate this. There is a cushion under the waterfall-edged seat to support your thighs.

RESPAWN Specter – Best Mesh Ergonomic Chair Hustlers America

It is possible to lessen your knee and thigh pressure by moving the chair back or forth using their lever. It’s detachable for storage, as well as having 3D armrests. It’s possible to remove the armrests if your desk has a lot of space to spare. As a result of its complete mesh construction, which allows for maximum airflow throughout, heat is never trapped. The majority of gaming chairs have a height restriction. In contrast, the Specter can accommodate users of various heights. Using the seat slider, you may fine-tune the depth of your chair seat so that your back and feet are flat on the floor when you sit down.


  • When compared to gaudy, decorative chairs, this chair’s modest profile shines out.
  • Extremely cozy seats with a cooling mesh that may be breathed in.
  • Includes a 3D armrest that allows you to fine-tune the height of your arms.
  • The PU leather used to make the headrest is soft and comfy to sit on.
  • The mesh back molds to your body’s natural curves.


  • There is no way to alter the built-in lumbar support.

See full Specifications or Buy Now click here to RESPAWN Specter

RESPAWN RSP-100 – Budget Pick

The Respawn 100 gaming chair is their most affordable choice, and it features a classic racing design. It has a sleek and professional appearance thanks to the bonded leather used to make it. Many hues, including white, grey, blue, green, and all the various shades of those colors, are available for this product. The RSP-100 gaming chair is equipped with everything you’ll need in a chair of this type.

RESPAWN RSP-100 – Budget Pick

The seat cushion of the chair is made of thick molded foam and conforms to your body to provide adequate support and comfort. Mold foam cushions assist relieve strain on the body, improve posture, alleviate discomfort, and stimulate blood flow and oxygenation to the tissues. Gamers benefit from better circulation and posture since it enhances their ability to concentrate. The RSP-100’s seat height, armrests, and recline can all be adjusted, and it rotates 360 degrees. Also included are an adjustable headrest pillow and lumbar support, which are critical for supporting your neck and lower back while driving.


  • Provides a choice of seven distinct colors
  • The theme has a sleek, race car-inspired appearance.
  • Comes with numerous alterations, such as armrests, height, and a reclining seat
  • Seats made of molded cushioned foam for maximum softness and comfort
  • The frame is made from steel tubing for maximum durability.


  • Sitting on bonded leather furniture may result in excessive body heat buildup.

See full Specifications or Buy Now click here to RESPAWN RSP-100

RESPAWN RSP-200 – Best Value

The Respawn RSP-200 is one of the top entry-level and intermediate chairs on the market because of its excellent features and inexpensive pricing. It has facilities for adjusting the seating posture to keep it healthy. Despite its low price, the RSP-200 is on par with some of the best mid-range and high-end gaming chairs now available on the market.

RESPAWN RSP-200 – Best Value

The combination of PU leather and mesh on this chair sets it apart from the rest of the Respawn line. Chairs that combine the two materials are extremely uncommon. The seatback is made of mesh fabric, which acts as a cooling device to keep gamers from perspiring excessively. One of the primary causes of discomfort when sitting for lengthy periods of time is warm seating.

Other than that, it’s essentially identical to the RSP-100 in terms of features and functionality. You may recline up to 130 degrees and alter the depth and width of the armrests using the 2D function. In comparison to other chairs in this price range, this one is constructed with a steel tube structure for added durability.


  • A futuristic-looking race automobile with a sleek design.
  • Long hours of sitting are no problem with this chair’s contoured segmented padding.
  • There is an infinite lock on the chair in addition to height adjustment.
  • The degree of recline can vary from 90 to 130.


  • Their armrests are devoid of cushioning.

See full Specifications or Buy Now click here to RESPAWN RSP-200

RESPAWN RSP-110 – Best Gaming Chair with a Footrest

The importance of taking breaks when working long hours or playing video games cannot be overstated. The RSP-110 has an extensible padded footrest so users can kick their feet up and relax from time to time. The use of ergonomic footrests makes sitting for long periods of time more comfortable. Gamers can adjust their positions by changing their weight, which reduces the tension on their backs. In addition to reducing fatigue and aligning posture, footrests also assist alleviate pain in the ankles and feet, as well as the thighs and knees of the user. People of varying heights can use it comfortably thanks to the flexible footrests.

RESPAWN RSP-110 – Best Gaming Chair with a Footrest

The RSP-110’s other features are a carbon copy of the 100 models. It has a lumbar cushion and a headrest pillow built in to help with back, neck, and spine pain. Gamers who don’t use a lumbar cushion slump forward, which can lead to a variety of long-term health issues. There are numerous color variations available, just as with other gaming chairs. For instance, there’s a lot of red and black in there. There’s also a lot of blue and green in there, too.

The 110’s reclining range has been increased to 155 degrees, making it possible for users to lie down and nap when necessary. The thickly padded armrests on the 110 set it apart from the 100-series versions.


  • Footrests are padded and extensible.
  • Includes a lumbar support cushion and a silky PU leather headrest pillow.
  • Tilt lock and 155-degree reclining capability
  • The armrests are comfortable and cushioned.
  • a gaming chair that’s quite reasonably priced


  • Once the chair has been unboxed, you’ll want to use a leather cleaning to get rid of the unpleasant stench.

See full Specifications or Buy Now click here to RESPAWN RSP-110

RESPAWN-400 – Best Gaming Chair for Big and Tall People

It can be difficult to locate a chair big enough to accommodate a man of your stature. The RSP-200 chair is similar to the RSP-100, but it’s significantly larger in scale. Respawn advertises a 400-pound weight limit. The seat is also significantly wider, and the lumbar and headrest pillows are much larger as well. Overall, players can enjoy a really big and spacious seating option when gaming.

RESPAWN-400 – Best Gaming Chair for Big and Tall People

It has a reclining feature similar to the 100 and an endless angle lock so customers can choose the angle that is most comfortable for themselves. The majority of people find it difficult to sit at a 90-degree angle comfortably. The ideal correct angle is somewhere in the range of 100-110 degrees. The 3D armrests of the Respawn 400 are height, breadth, and depth-adjustable.

Particularly with large and tall seats, sturdiness and durability are important considerations. Standard caster wheels on the chair’s five-point metal base allow it to travel easily over both carpet and hardwood floors. Chairs with harder plastic bases used to be more prone to falling apart, so this is a significant improvement.


  • has a weight capability of 400 pounds
  • Large and tall persons will appreciate the extra space in the seat and backrest.
  • Tilt lock and up to 130-degree reclining angle
  • a solid foundation and sturdy structure
  • Soft headrest and wide lumbar cushions are included.


  • Fabric made of soft thread leather is not permeable.

See full Specifications or Buy Now click here to RESPAWN RSP-400

Choosing the Best RESPAWN Gaming Chair for You (Buyer’s Guide)


Except for the Respawn Specter, all of Respawn’s gaming seats are race car-themed. The chairs are designed to seem like they belong in a high-end sports car, and they do just that. If you want to improve your gaming experience, you should consider purchasing a high-end gaming chair. It boosts their self-esteem and keeps them engaged in the game longer. When you buy a new toy, you’re more likely to treat it well. Those that have a gaming chair designed after a race car is more serious about gaming.

Weight Capacity

Have you ever sat on a chair that was just a little bit too small? Many first-time purchasers of a gaming chair end up purchasing a chair that is far too tiny for them. The Respawn 100 and 110, for example, are intended for those up to 270 pounds and 5’5 to 5’9 in height. We recommend the Respawn 200, 300, or 400 for people over 5’10” in height. A 300-pound weight limit applies to the Respawn 200, while the 400 has a 400-pound limit. Using a chair that can’t support your weight will deteriorate the chair’s base or frame because of the wear and tear it puts on the materials.

Upholstery Material (PU Leather Vs. Mesh)

Although PU leather has a lovely soft touch and bouncy padding, some gamers prefer the breathability and flexibility of mesh. As a result, PU leather, mesh material, and combinations of the two are available from Respawn.

PVC-unlike leather has a number of advantages. When compared to genuine leather, PU leather has a similar sheen and elegant appearance but is much easier to keep clean. It’s water-resistant and can be wiped clean with a washcloth. When it comes to crumbs, all you need is a vacuum or a brush to get rid of them. PU leather, on the other hand, has a long shelf life of five to 10 years. This material is also less expensive to produce, and it’s available in a wide range of colors. When compared to other materials, it offers a softer and smoother sitting experience.
Mesh materials, on the other hand, allow air to move freely, resulting in significantly greater comfort. Chairs upholstered in fabric or synthetic leather tend to be warm to the touch. As your chair warms up, you’ll find sitting in it unbelievably comfy. Mesh chairs, on the other hand, are a lot more flexible, and they can conform to your back’s curvature. Your back and neck will be well-supported, which will assist to prevent injury and improper posture. A PU leather gaming chair is an excellent choice for individuals who want extra comfort while gaming. A chair with a mesh back is ideal for those who value comfort as well as ergonomics.


They’re a great value for the money, especially when compared to other brands. For less than $150, you can purchase the Respawn 110 on the internet. The big and tall variant, on the other hand, costs between $260 and $350. Finding chairs that are both affordable and meet all of your client’s requirements is what we advocate.


Are RESPAWN Gaming Chairs Good?

Despite their inexpensive price, Respawn gaming chairs are manufactured with high-quality materials, stylish designs, supportive ergonomics, and are comfortable enough to use for extended periods of time without being fatigued from sitting. Functionality always comes first when purchasing a gaming chair. The segmented cushioning on the Respawn chairs improves comfort by distributing pressure evenly across your body. They have armrests, seat height, and recliners on most of their seating options.

What is the Best RESPAWN Gaming Chair?

A RESPAWN gaming chair’s suitability for you will be determined by your own unique needs. We have tested all of the Respawn seats, but the Respawn 200 is our pick for the greatest gaming chair in their lineup. We think you’ll agree. PU leather and mesh fabric are used in the chair’s construction, allowing you to enjoy the best of both worlds. The seat cushion is heavily padded to keep your tush comfortable, while the flexible mesh fabric eliminates all pressure points to relieve back strain.

How Long Should a Gaming Chair Last?

Gaming chairs from well-known brands can endure anywhere from one to five years. There are some high-end video game chairs that endure up to 12 years! Keep in mind that low-cost gaming chairs have a short lifespan. Consider the manufacturer’s statements about the chair’s lifespan and the materials used in its construction before making a purchase.

Are Gaming Chairs Bad for Posture?

Gaming chairs are more than just a place to sit down comfortably; they’re also made to support your neck, back, knees, arms, hips, and shoulders while you play. Gamers’ chairs, for the most part, are engineered with ergonomics in mind. To keep your back straight, they are generally built with a curve that fits your spine. These chairs usually have a high backrest and a pillow for your head to keep your neck in a level posture and to alleviate neck pain and headaches. Generally speaking, gaming chairs are excellent for improving posture and alleviating the symptoms of bad postures, such as back pain.

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